🔥Attention CADINU Community and all pet lovers!🔥
We are excited to resume the CADINU event that was paused in September. Send us your best shots, videos, and artwork for a chance for great prizes! 💰💰💰💰

💰💰$1,500 CADINU tokens giveaway💰💰

🎁 Prizes for the Clip-making section:
🥇1st participant: $300
🥈 2nd participant: $200
🥉 3rd participant: $100

🎁Prizes for the Photography section:
🥇1st participant: $150
🥈 2nd participant: $100
🥉 3rd participant: $50

🎁Prizes for the Editing section:
🥇1st participant: $150
🥈 2nd participant: $100
🥉 3rd participant: $50

🎁 Prizes for the Artwork section:
🥇1st participant: $150
🥈 2nd participant: $100
🥉 3rd participant: $50


How to participate?

1. Photography section:
📸Take photos using a CADINU T-shirt:
Use the links below this paragraph which include a CADINU T-shirt print file and a CADINU mask file. Print the T-shirt print file on a T-shirt and print the CADINU mask file and assemble it and take photos with them. [Wearing a mask is optional.]

2. Clip-making section:
🎥Take videos with a CADINU mask and CADINU T-shirt:
Take videos with a CADINU mask and CADINU T-shirt.


CADINU mask: https://cadinu.io/dl/MSK.pdf

CADINU T-shirt: https://cadinu.io/dl/LG.PNG

3. Artwork section:
🖼Create graphical artwork about CADINU:
You can use any app or software or even create handicrafts about CADINU.

4. Editing section:
💻Edit the photos and videos of the participants and make a video clip.


1.Participants should post their videos or photos on Twitter and tag @CADINUTOKEN and use the following hashtags: #CADINUEVENT #CADINU #cadinutoken #cadinuarmy

2.Join CADINU’s chat group https://t.me/Cadinuchat and announcement channel https://t.me/cadinutoken on Telegram.

3.Send the uncompressed file of the video/photo/artwork to the official chat group of CADINU https://t.me/Cadinuchat with the link to its tweet. Also mention “ CADINU photo/video/artwork/edit (choose one) event” and your bep20 wallet address in the caption of your tweet. The participants should pin this tweet until the end of the event.


✅ Please note that the photo or video should be taken in a popular place in your country/city which is a well-known place (like the pyramids of Giza or the Eiffel Tower in France).
The photos and videos should have a standard quality (Full HD/4K or higher) so we can use them to make a video clip.

🏆 Your posted photos/videos/artworks will be shared on CADINU’s official announcement channel on Telegram https://t.me/cadinutoken and the ones with the most likes will be chosen as the winners.

💻Participants in the editing section can get the links to the files of the photos/videos of the photography/videography section in this post which will be updated during the event.

⏳Time: December 25 until January 25

Please note:

1- It is not mandatory to wear both the mask and the T-shirt. You can just wear the CADINU T-shirt.
2- There’s no problem if you use the previous Logo for printing on T-shirt. But it’s better to use the new one.

“This announcement will be updated”