On November 14, 2021, CADINU’s first official AMA was held at the CADINU Telegram Group at 18 UTC. The conversation took the form of Voice Chat. members asked questions answered by CADINU Public Relations Manager Sam Russell.

Two active members of the CADINU community, Mike and Josh, tried to write this AMA, for which we sincerely thank them for their cooperation.

Because this conversation was on Telegram, the names of people are often their usernames on Telegram and may not be real. But the purpose of writing and publishing this AMA is to make it possible to translate it into other languages. Thanks to each and every member of the CADINU community who has responded positively to our invitation to achieve CADINU’s lofty goals. Together we build a better world.




  1. Amar: What is the biggest mistake in buying cryptocurrency? Investing or buying without doing any research. 
  2. Angel: What format will the games be in? CAPX construct software. Points and coins earned in the game are equal to Cadinu tokens. We will hold tournaments and exhibitions in the game each week, with rewards given to winners. Payments of the rewards are done by a smart contract.
  3. 3Angel: How will the marketing of the project be implemented over the following months? For gaining publicity, we are cooperating with at least one valid centralized exchange. We are in negotiations, but will not disclose any details until the contract is signed. We plan to advertise on BSC Scan, Coingecko, and Coinmarketcap. Advertisements are on hold with plans for a large advertising campaign when the games launch.
  4. 4Angel: How much money is allocated for marketing, and where does the marketing money come from? A portion of the marketing fund is provided by the founder of the project, with the rest of the funds coming from token sales. Tokens set aside for marketing funds will be locked and sales will be controlled.
  5. Smailik55: How long will it take for BSC Scan ads to appear? We originally planned to have them up very soon, but to maximize impact of the ads, we decided to hold off until one week before launching the games.
  6. sa_spyker:The site shows a team of four people, one owner, and three designers. Who makes the games and how many people are actually on the team? We are cooperating with some designers at the moment, but plan to have a Cadinu game design team. We are trying our best to recruit more professional members to the Cadinu team. One of them is me. I have just joined in the past week. After the website is updated, it will show more than four members. 
  7. sa_spyker:What is your main goal of the project? The main goals of the project are making healthy entertainment, creating income for the users, and supporting animals. You may know this from the white paper and the research that you have definitely done as you are following the Cadinu project.
  8. sa_spyker: How many personal coins do you have that you can sell? Of course, within the growth of the project, investors will have the most financial gain. The team has not, and will not get a single token for free. If any of the team members have bought tokens, it is equal to others and in an independent way.
  9. sa_spyker: I would like to see your wallet? The wallet address of each person is private, but the wallet address of the founder of the token is verified, along with the transactions. All wallets can be viewed on BSC Scan. 
  10. needbubble / mklchkv:Tell us more about the games. What will they be? When will the first game be released? The first games will be simple, but there will lot of variety. We plan to launch with three games. We originally planned to launch games in 2022 but decided to launch earlier to take advantage of the in-game advertising. As a gift for investors, users, and fans, we settled on Christmas 2021 to launch. 
  11. Smailik55:When will the second AMA take place? Our second AMA will be in less than a month’s time before the launch of the games. At that time, we will present and show more details about the games. You also may have noticed that we are trying our best to answer any and all questions of members of the group. This is unique to our project. 
  12. Ivan:How did your team first get together, and what led to the creation of your token? The team is headed by BEZ B.BM., who spent over six months researching the project. He has long-term plans for the project for the years ahead. The Canadian Inuit Dog was in danger of extinction. At one point there were only two hundred alive. Humans were responsible for their slaughter and endangerment. The Cadinu team is here like mythical champions to make the world a better place. Cadinu is more than just another token or a project. 
  13. Smigarou:When is Lambo, and when is 1$? According to mathematical formulas, 1$ could take many years to happen. Over the next three months, we hope to erase one or two zeros. Over the next two years, we hope to erase four or five zeros. 
  14. Serban11:Is Cadinu a utility token? Yes, it is a utility token. 
  15. Ammure S:Is Cadinu anti-whale? If there were going to be massive pumps and dumps, these would already have been happening. It has been almost 3 months since launch and these are not happening. 
  16. nasher1976:Will NFT trading eventually be integrated into the platform? Yes, but after launching of games.
  17. nasher1976:Will other currencies be exchanged or traded on the platform? Maybe in the future but that is not the focus of Cadinu.
  18. A.E:Will the website be redesigned? When? Who?

We are working on it. After the games. 

  1. Mike:Will staking of Cadinu be available? When?

Yes as soon as possible staking of Cadinu will be available

  1. nasher1976: Will a percent of transactions go to the animal assist fund?

 Not at this time. There will be other sources of income.

  1. Aren: Will Cadinu build its own blockchain in the next 3 years?

It is a long-term goal, but possible.

  1. Mike: the main focus is on animals. How many pets do you have?

A turtle and a Husky.

  1. Mathew Ogbugbu: Will farming be available? Yes, we are working on it
  2. nasher1976: Will income from games be enough to interest the play to earn community that uses play to earn as a source of income? Such as in countries with little means? This is something that will be discussed at the next AMA.
  3. Mathew Ogbugbu: There are so many projects out there, what makes Cadinu different from these, and what plans do you have in place for awareness of this wonderful token? Cadinu is more than just making money. Making money is the main goal for most tokens. Cadinu is beyond that. Nfts, wholesome entertainment, helping animals, and much more. Study the whitepaper to become more familiar with Cadinu.
  4. kranzz: Will you make a video ama, so we can see your faces?


Bez: Have you seen Satoshi?