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CADINU is a global project with a dream to facilitate its holders to earn income, enjoy life, and support pets. CADINU TOKEN is fully decentralized and will be used for on-platform and off-platform payments.



We will have a competitive online game that is different. A game that penetrates and influences the outside world. Yes, this is one of the attractions of the CADINU platform that will be available on our website and mobile apps.


It will be possible to help needy animals both directly and indirectly on the CADINU. The information that will be recorded on  CADINU will be approved by verified users & official animal protection agencies and can be tracked online at all stages.


There will be different ways to make money on the CADINU, but the most entertaining of those will be the competition to win  CADINU’s games, which have precious prizes. These awards will be awarded by CADINU TOKEN.

CADINU TOKEN is available on


CADINU is only available on Binance Smart Chain (BSC). Currently
the biggest liquidity is in PancakeSwap.To use BSC you must
configure your wallet, eg. MetaMask, (or the other wallets) with the BSC network.
Get your BNB ready and then swap it for CADINU on PancakeSwap

Watch this video to learn better.

You can also buy CADINU Tokens from the centralized DEX-TRADE exchange.

Slide the Slippage Tolerance above (for example 6% )  Buy and sell. whole numbers to avoid errors: replace the last digits of the CADINU amount to 0s. Example: don’t input 19021452 but 20000000 instead. Finally, errors may also come from high trade volume. Simply retry  your transaction, increase the fee, and you will be good to go!

CADINU is  public & verified  on Binance Smart Chain (BSC). 


Here are a few ways to connect with CADINU’s support team. You can join the CADINU’s  Telegram group where the group’s administrators are responding to you.

And also write and send your message to the [email protected] . Our support team will respond to you as soon as possible.

Yes. 100% cash pool is locked in Dxsale and you can check it.

Website design ✔️
Creating CADINU advertising team✔️
Build CADINU & fair Launch at pancake swap ✔️
Launch Airdrop ✔️
Coingecko & Coinmarketcap listing ✔️
Exploring other Exchanges ✔️
Start working with the World Organization for the Protection of Animals
Development of web programming team
Launching the second version of the site and the possibility of registering members
Completing the team
Establish a Canada/ Vancouver office
Setting up the shop section on web
Launching the first version of CADINU Community app
Launching the first version of the CADINU game


CADINU is a global project with a dream to facilitate its holders to earn income, enjoy life, and support pets. CADINU’s team has come together to create a great platform and achieve this goal through CADINU’s COMMUNITY support. We welcome with open arms those who intend to support us.

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